Automatically Convert CSV to XLS

If you need to automatically convert CSV files to the Excel spreadsheet formats XLS (Excel versions 97-2003) or XLSX (Excel versions 2007-2016), FileSculptor is the tool for the job. With FileSculptor you can convert files even if the machine doesn’t have Excel installed, because it does not use Excel to do the conversion.

FileSculptor comes with a visual interface to create and run conversion projects. After the project is created, you can use the command line executable FSRUN to run the conversion from a batch file or to create a scheduled task.

Main Benefits

  • Convert files between the formats CSV, XLS and XLSX
  • Select and reorder fields
  • Create calculated fields using Excel-like functions like UPPER, CONCATENATE and LEFT
  • Save the process and repeat it anytime
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FileSculptor Main Window
Import one or more source files in the formats CSV, XLS or XLSX. Preview the content of the data to be converted on a grid.

FileSculptor Transform Window
Create calculated fields based on fields from the source files

FileSculptor Calculated Fields
Configure calculated fields using Excel-like functions like Upper and Concatenate.

FileSculptor Export Window
Export the converted data creating or appending to the destination file in CSV, XLS or XLSX formats

Command-line support

The FSRUN utility brings support for command-line operations,  using the same conversion projects created by FileSculptor. You can use it in BATCH files or schedule jobs in Windows to convert files frequently.

Below is a sample batch file using FSRUN to convert all CSV files in INPUT folder, appending data to a spreadsheet in OUTPUT folder, and moving the processed files to PROCESSED folder if the conversion succeeded or ERROR folder if the conversion failed.

@echo off
rem call subroutine “onefile” for each file to be processed
for %%f in (.\input\*.csv) do call :onefile “%%f”rem main program must end with exit /b or goto :EOF
exit /brem SUBROUTINE “ONEFILE” —————————
echo Processing file %1…
rem convert file, moving it to processed folder if conversion succeeded
rem or to error folder if conversion failed
fsrun -r convert.fsc -src:source1 %1 > nul 2>&1
if not errorlevel 1 (
echo Processing of file %1 succeeded!
move %1 .\processed\
) else (
echo Processing of file %1 failed!
move %1 .\error\
exit /b
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