Help for FileSculptor 1.3

Questions and Answers

How do I load a CSV file?

In the Import tab, make sure the File Type is set to “CSV – Comma Separated Values”, then click the Browse button to open the file. Make sure the preview grid shows the fields correctly to continue with the file conversion.

When I load a CSV file, why all the content appears in only one field?

Usually  a CSV file have fields separated by commas, but sometimes another character can be used, like a semicolon. Inspect the field’s contents to discover which character was used and click on the character in the Delimiters Section. The preview grid must show the fields correctly to continue with the file conversion.

Why the field names are using  data from my file?

Usually the first line of a file or spreadsheet contains the field names. If your file or spreadsheet does not contain such information, FileSculptor will show the first line of data as field names. To fix this, uncheck the option “file contains field names on first line” in the Fields and Values Section.

Can I have multiple sources or destinations of different types?

Yes, FileSculptor supports multiple sources and destinations for file conversion. Each source or destination have its defined type. This means that you can load data from spreadsheets and CSV files, transform and convert the data to other spreadsheets and CSV files.

How do I select or reorder fields in the exported file?

In the Export tab, you can select one or more fields from any source, by selecting the source in the Destination Content section, and using the Add and Add All buttons. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to reorder the fields on the exported files.

How do I create the exported file?

After configuring the source file(s) in the Import tab and the destination file(s) in the Export tab, click on the Run Now button in the Run tab or select Run Now from the Run menu to process the configured file conversion.


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